Transform Cleaning Into A Habit

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Cleaning is something we don't like, but a job we are obliged to do therefore we tend to neglect it. But there is a way to change all this all this and make cleaning a pleasant habit. I'll tell you it is going to be very hard, but it's worth the try. First and most important is to remove the bad thoughts associated with cleaning. You have to stop thinking about all the time you're going to spend scrubbing the floors and removing the stains from the rugs and carpets.

Cleaning as a Habit

Don't think about cleaning as an obligation, do it for yourself and yourself only. Understand what will happen if you stop doing it, all the bacteria and bugs that will invade your home and make you very sick. Prepare a special prise, something you love and claim it after you're done with the cleaning. This is the easiest way to trick your brain that cleaning is something good. You can also purchase quality cleaning supplies – equipment and detergents.

How To Clean Faster And Easier

If you have effective supplies cleaning will become fast and effective, no more reappearing stains on the carpet or dull windows. Organize – this is very important, because of everything has a determined place you won't waste time and energy looking for it. I recommend you place a set of cleaning kit in every room, that way you won't go from one room to the other every-time you start cleaning a new object. Divide and conquer – this maxim can be used with great success in our case.

If you divide the room into small areas you'll be able to see the result of cleaning right away and you'll be motivated to do the rest. Make a daily schedule and get the whole family involved in the cleaning process. That way you'll set up a routine and everyone will contribute to the common good. Don't try multitasking because I guarantee you won't succeed. My mother which is an example for the perfect housewife can't cope with more than two tasks at the same time.

For example, you are cooking and removing a tough stain from your carpet simultaneously. It doesn't look hard does it? But imagine this situation – while you're becoming angrier and scrub for more than ten minutes the dish in the kitchen is boiling all over the floor. In the panic you leave the stain with the detergent on and head to the kitchen to check what is that strange smell. Now you're cleaning the mess on the floor and once you return to the living room the carpet is ruined.

A double disaster just because you thought you can handle two things at the same time. If you really can I admire and envy you, I personally can't risk it. Therefore every time I can't cope with everything I use a little trick called cleaning company. You should try it too, I guarantee you'll love the time they'll save you.

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Transform Cleaning Into A Habit

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This article was published on 2013/03/06