Three Methods for Cleaning Grout

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A very popular form of flooring in homes today is tile. Tile comes in many different materials, but something all tile floors have in common in grout lines. The grout lines are often the hardest part of a tile floor to keep clean. The porous nature of the grout material means that dirt and mildew can get deep down into the pores making it difficult to remove. That is why you must come up with the best grout cleaning method possible. There are three different methods you might use to keep your grout lines looking good and which one you choose depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend on the task. One method uses mostly time and little money, while another uses a lot of money and takes very little time.

The first grout cleaning method that you should consider is cleaning your grout by hand. Hand cleaning your grout requires little money because all you need in terms of purchases is a grout cleaner and a scrub brush. However, grout cleaning by hand requires a great deal of your time and effort because you must clean the grout regularly so that the dirt and grime does not have a lot of time to settle into the porous grout lines. In addition, it takes a lot of time to work your way along each grout line using small circular scrubbing motions which is the correct way to clean grout.

The second method for grout cleaning in your home that you should consider is using a grout cleaning machine. Grout cleaning machines are pieces of equipment usually about the size of a large vacuum that you would have to store in your home in between cleanings. They work using a scrub brush that rotates in circular motions which is the preferred way to scrub grout, steam that is sprayed directly onto the grout lines in order to soften the dirt and push dirt out of the grout pores, and a suction system that will collect the dirty water that results. Some machines also have reservoirs that allow you to apply additional grout cleaners to the floor. While this method does take less time and energy, it will cost you more money than cleaning by hand.

The third method for grout cleaning that a homeowner can use is to hire professional grout cleaners to do the job for him. Grout cleaning services will bring their own equipment and their own grout cleaners with them and will be in and out of your home in a couple of hours leaving behind clean grout lines. This method requires virtually no effort of the home owners part and the entire process can be completed while they are at work during the day meaning no time is wasted on this task. But this method is by far the most expensive option because regularly hiring a professional grout cleaning service will get very expensive very quickly.

Although these are the three main methods for cleaning grout, I think the best option is a fourth method that combines the first and the third. You can clean your grout by hand most of the time with occasional visits from a professional grout cleaner. The grout cleaning service will be able to tackle tough stains or delicate grout lines that you cannot get clean with hand scrubbing.

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Three Methods for Cleaning Grout

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This article was published on 2011/06/21