Shark SC505 Steam Cleaner - Efficiently Working For You

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The Shark™ SC505 Steam Cleaner is one of the most efficient home cleaning devices on the market. From cleaner forms of energy sources to greener versions of air conditioning system, cleaning tools are also part of greener living. This is pointed out to be one of the best reasons why one should invest in one of these cleaning units.  

A steam cleaner uses tap water and transforms it into a very fine mist which is hot and can be used on all types of surfaces. This cleaning machine does not require antibacterial or any form of sanitizing agent unlike other machines because the heat coming from the machine itself is enough to prevent development and growth of these disease causing organisms. The greatness of this cleaning equipment does not only rely on their effectiveness in removing dirt and stubborn stains and dirt but it has also been proven to remove pet hairs and all sorts of unwanted odors with ease.   

A line of Shark™ steam cleaners is available in the market today and each of these types addresses your needs whether for comfort or extreme cleaning results. On this line arose the most portable, SC505. Also known as, Euro-Pro Steam Cleaner, this model is the ultimate solution to individuals who are tired of carrying and transferring bulky and often heavy cleaning units. This is the handiest of all the world-renowned Shark™ cleaners because of its lightest weight of just about 11 pounds.  

The same weight might just be the same as your coffee percolator. This lightweight unit makes it efficient to handle and transfer from one part of your home to another without difficulty. Despite being small, the Shark™ SC505 Steam Cleaner cleaning power is incomparable. The machine is powered with 1,600 watts, which is actually higher than other commercial steaming machines and thereby making it more effective.  

Another wonderful and costumer inviting feature of this model is it does not easily give in to wear and tear. This is attributed to the stainless steel body that covers the machine. Exposure to water is also not a problem with this model because it readily resists corrosion. Unlike other steam cleaning engines, you do not have to wait long to heat the water in this unit for it only requires about four minutes to heat the water inside it. This leaves you with no idle or wasted time and your cleaning time is thereby maximized. True to its company's name and reputation, this model can be made to clean all surfaces of your house. From ceiling to floor to even windows, mirrors and shower doors to oven interior and grills, nothing escapes the Shark™ SC505 Steam Cleaner.

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Shark SC505 Steam Cleaner - Efficiently Working For You

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This article was published on 2010/04/02