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Getting your house that "spring clean feeling" and keeping it organized is quite the task. If you're looking for motivation, think of how great it feels when it's all done; that's usually enough for me...

My big thing is always making a list. Don't keep it all in your head, write down everything you want to accomplish that way it's easier to organize it and figure out an action plan.

1) Create a Checklist - aside from the regular organizing and cleaning chores your list should include the things you only do once or twice a year (dry clean your drapery, put away your winter clothes, check smoke detector batteries, etc.).

2) Be strategic - don't try to do everything at once, it gets overwhelming. Assign a different task or a combination of tasks that make sense for each day. For instance:
- DAY 1 - Declutter & Organize (this way you'll make more room and see what needs to be cleaned)
- DAY 2 - Deep Cleaning & Laundry (the washer can be doing its thing while you're scrubbing the house, so you save some time)
- DAY 3 - Special Task Day & Laundry Folding
- DAY 4 - Vacuuming & Dusting (the finishing chores after all the major cleaning has been done, make sure to vacuum first and dust second)
- DAY 5 - Decorating (this is the day you can move furniture around put up some new photos or simply get some fresh flowers)

3) Make sure to use proper tools and cleaning supplies for what you're doing. They will help to get the job done faster. (Insider Tip: an apron with lots of pockets can help you transport cleaning supplies from room to room and save you from running back and forth - after all, it's all about being organized, even when cleaning).

4) When decluttering and organizing, remember that spring is the perfect season to embrace Feng Shui. Less is more. Go through every drawer, cabinet, bin and box. You'll feel amazing when you get rid of clutter.

5) Inside and Out - Spring cleaning is about cleaning what we don't usually get to, so as important as it is to clean the things we can see, this is THE time to get to those places that we usually postpone: "I'll just do it some other time..."

6) Stay Focused!!!! - let the voicemail pick up your calls, and turn off all the TVs as well as your computer

7) Make organizing and cleaning fun! - turn on your happy upbeat music, open the windows, get your family and friends involved if they're around and have a good time!

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Organized Spring Cleaning

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This article was published on 2010/04/04