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The essentials of green cleaning are to stop expecting miracle results without having to actually do anything. It may sound a little harsh but really, why on earth should grease just dissolve, lift off a surface and wipe away with some kitchen paper? Those powerful cleaners really do some amazing tricks and it can be tempting to assume all cleaners should do the same.

Think about it, those chemicals are behaving very strangely and they are toxic. Switching to Eco cleaners does not mean we will get exactly the same results. To work that strangely, really does require some strange chemical concoction. We should not expect our homes to be more dirty or less sanitary if we switch to safe cleaners but we will need to alter our perceptions of housework a little.

People often complain that Eco cleaning products are not as effective as conventional ones. It is easy to then give up, and return to the toxic favorites. Eco cleaning products will clean your home, they just won't do it without a little help from you. Learning to make cleaning Eco friendly is learning to clean your home yourself again. We have lost a little of the skill our grandmothers had in dealing with household dirt and eliminating it without resorting to chemical wonder products.

Eco friendly cleaning involves elbow grease, old cloths and sometimes maybe even a little sweat! Not that it is difficult, far from it. Our homes are so well sealed from the environment, and lots of us spend so little time actually doing anything dirty that most homes are not really dirty anyway, just dusty or messy. Few of us need to scrub an iron range or hand wash the bed linen anymore. Those were the really hard jobs, that women managed to do even without detergents and strong chemical cleaning products. I am not suggesting we go back to those days, but we should put our little bit of effort into perspective. Actually having to rub the bathtub rather than spray some foamy wonder cleaner and rinse really isn't the end of the world. It should not be a reason not to use Eco cleaners.

Many green cleaning products will require no more effort on your part than the old ones you used to use. This is primarily because things just are not that dirty and you could probably using a quick wipe over with a damp cloth to get the same result. Now and again you will find you need to use some of your own effort to make cleaning Eco friendly. Do not be dismayed by it. Embrace it as part of a lifestyle change to be a little more responsible for your own mess. Being green is all about participating in the world.

Enjoy the workout while your Eco friendly cleaning routine destroys some flab as well as grime.

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Green Cleaning Essentials

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This article was published on 2010/04/02