Four Ways To Make Grout Cleaning Easier

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Tile grout is one of the areas of the home that no homeowner enjoys cleaning. It takes time and effort to keep grout clean so every homeowner appreciates home cleaning tips or tricks that will help make the process easier. The success of your grout cleaning efforts depends on many factors including how often you clean grout, what tools for grout cleaning you use, your grout cleaning methods, and you grout cleaner choices.

The first tip that everyone should follow when it comes to grout cleaning is to clean their grout as often as possible. Grout gets dirty because dust and spills that start out on the surface, seep down into the porous material over time. If you clean your grout regularly, then you will never have to work too hard to scrub stains or grime deep out of the grout. Spending a few minutes on it every day will save you hours in the long run. For example, an extra five minutes in the shower every morning will mean that the entire shower gets cleaned once every week.

Using the right grout cleaning tools is another way to make sure you are making the grout cleaning in your home as easy as possible. You will most likely have to do some amount of scrubbing on your hands and knees, but a steam mop or steam cleaner like the one made by Shark vacuum company is a great piece of grout cleaning equipment to help you do that more efficiently. Steam will push its way into the pores of the grout while pushing out the dirt and stains. If the dirt cannot be removed entirely with steam, it will definitely soften it. In addition, steam cleaning will kill bacteria. If the steam mop is not enough you might consider an industrial strength grout cleaning machine instead.

If you do not have the room or the money to purchase a larger piece of grout cleaning equipment, then you will have to scrub your grout by hand. You can make this process easier on yourself if you scrub your grout with the right scrubbing method. It can be tempting to scrub your grout lines in straight back and forth motions along the grid. However, this method is actually detrimental to your purpose. The forward motion might dislodge the dirt, but the backward motion would just deposit it right back where it came from. Instead, you should use small circular scrubbing motions as you move along the grid. The circular motions will move any dislodged dirt out to the side where it can be wiped away later.

The last way that you can make grout cleaning easier is to use the right grout cleaner. The wrong grout cleaner might not only fail to get your grout clean, but it might also damage your grout by fading the color or eating away portions of it. To find the right grout cleaner, you need to start with something gentle like steam and start to work your way up to the harshest grout cleaners like chlorine bleach products. You want something as gentle as possible but still able to get the job done. As you try new grout cleaners, make sure that you test each one in an inconspicuous area so that you can see if it will damage your grout in any way.
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Four Ways To Make Grout Cleaning Easier

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This article was published on 2011/04/14