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 High personal hygiene is one of the symbols of our modern society. We take shower every day or even 2-3 times a day, we use perfumes, creams, special body oils and all that in the name of beauty, which today we relate with cleanness.


However, personal hygiene is no longer only a sign for good education and high levels of culture. No, today the cleaning and the tiding have much wider usage like motivation, for example. Even the soldiers are taught that their battle spirit will be higher, if they maintain a proper hygiene. That is why they have to make their beds, they have to shave every day and wash their clothes. If they are dirty, muddy, not shaved and similar things they will not feel that strong and focused.


Well, I considered all that a nonsense, but after all I decided to try in order to check.


When I lived in a dirty and not ordered place I was feeling less motivated. Somehow I was not comfortable in my room. It was looking awful and I wasn't productive in my studying and my other actions there. I was lazy, sleepy and I didn't want to speak with anybody. I know that sounds crazy but it is actually true.


Well, when I performed some carpet cleaning, dusting, stain removing and when I got rid of the odours everything changed. I got much more motivated and focused. Suddenly, I became ready to face bigger and harder obstacles. It was like a new beginning for me. Everything was ordered and shiny. I was feeling better and this was not hard to notice.


So, next time when you think to hire carpet cleaning London company to help you with your rugs, first try to deal with them yourself. This will be much more rewarding and it will help you stay in shape – focused and organised. On top of that, all the cleaning will make you strict and consistent. It will save you some money too, which these days appears to be pretty important. So, you are not losing nothing actually but only winning.  


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Clean and Motivated

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This article was published on 2011/08/26